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Daniel Oredsson, Managing Director of Hotel Management Asia Co., Ltd.

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Having gained extensive experience in the South East Asia market I have developed an in-depth understanding of the importance of local knowledge and getting things done. Over the years I have had contact with many resort owners who have expressed frustration with the operational part of their business. Some have come into the hospitality industry after successful careers elsewhere to find this business quite the opposite to the soft retirement they were looking for. Others are pure investors who always planned to take a back seat, leaving professionals to run their operation. I have created Hotel Management Asia to support those owners that feel they are ready to engage a management team.

At HMA, I have put together a multi-skilled team of industry professionals experienced in all aspects of property management in the boutique hotel market. It’s hard to shoulder the cost of professional management for a small exclusive resort, so we divide that professional team between a few selected resorts. In this way, our clients get a full team of professionals to a “shared prize”. Our team bring a tailor-made co-operation using the latest sales and marketing tools, revenue management, maintenance strategies, web design, accounting and front office solutions, local knowledge, contacts and supply network among others as a package. Our strength is that we can provide a whole or part solution to operations, sales and marketing, cost control and an up and running F&B brand to enhance the guest experience.

My philosophy is underpinned by the desire to provide a fair, 100% transparent relationship with our property owners. Our operation does business in the correct way and strives to keep an open dialogue so there are never any hidden surprises. Our whole existence is based on owners having a profitable, problem free return on their investment. Its also important while making money for our clients, to take good care of their properties.

All my working life has been rooted in hospitality. From luxury private jets and high-end travel operations worldwide to hotel management on several Asian projects to now operating my own Hospitality business, Hotel Management Asia. By adhering to my philosophy all the team share my passion to deliver quality combined with sound business sense and understanding that our guest's experience comes as one priority. Providing service to guests’ needs is good for business if done correctly, very good for business.

My ideas and concept apply perfectly to any medium-sized operation from 15-50 quality units with a foundation and ambition to be above the 5-star level throughout the whole organization. My team is drawn from a wide range of multi-skilled professionals. Our expertise covers hospitality, hotel management, property management, real estate, customer relations management, human resources, sales and marketing, project management, food and beverage management, brand development, finance and cost control.

At HMA we are already in full swing operating resorts, villas, luxury speed boats and restaurants. We can, at short notice, relocate local and western staff to take over new or existing operations.

Thanks for listening and welcome as a new client.

We are looking to expand our resort portfolio so contact me or one of the team anytime to discuss your thoughts and ideas. Daniel Oredsson