Hotel Management Asia

Hotel management Asia

Hotel Management Asia are a hotel management company based in Thailand providing a complete range of hotel management services.

Our knowledgeable team provide hotel management solutions in the fields of Sales, F&B, HR, CRM, hotel operations and revenue generation.

The Hotel Management Asia team provides a complete management solution, taking over and delivering a full operational service to Owners and Investors.

What this means to you is:

  • Increased revenue and guest satisfaction
  • Higher occupancy and ROI
  • No day to day operating stress
  • Freedom to pursue other projects
  • Your resort is in peak condition for prospective buyers
  • HMA has a proven track record of delivering successful management strategies.
  • We have experience of working with well run boutique hotels and those that have lost their focus.
  • Our team has experience of working with boutique hotels with performance issues looking for business recovery and efficiency solutions.
  • The Senior Management within HMA have worked historically with hotels in the boutique market and have demonstrated their ability to deliver high quality performance out of the hotels whilst also ensuring that best value is obtained from capital expenditure.
  • Management Contracts are clear and fair so that both parties are aware of all responsibilities and commitments from the start.
  • Contracts are by negotiation, but typically operate on a revenue split basis.
  • We go to great lengths to ensure a happy working relationship with our clients. We strive to bring mutual benefits into every business transaction we undertake.

We will help you maximize results in four fundamental areas:

  • Invest in peopleInvest in PeopleYour team will benefit from a comprehensive review of operations followed by practical and agreed implementation of any required actions. This will involve training and development courses focused on delivering an exceptional guest experience.
  • Peak performance Peak performance Using industry standard Key Performance Indicators (KPI) we will identify, implement and monitor the most important performance measurements appropriate to your resort. All staff will have clear, defined objectives and the desire to deliver an excellent guest experience.
  • Property managment Property managmentAre you getting the most out of your resort facilities? Does it maximize its potential? Following our analysis, if required, we will manage whatever processes are necessary to implement the required projects, identify property improvements and bring the hotel up to industry standards. If the property is being prepared for sale HMA will ensure that the maximum value can be obtained for the owners and investors.
  • Profit Maximization Profit MaximizationAre you in the right market place? Have you got your pricing and timing right? We measure investment returns against benchmark norms for the hotel industry. Our team of Sales and Marketing specialists will identify areas for improvement and implement strategies quickly to maximize profit potential.

Putting it simply, HMA is in the business of delivering results efficiently.

We are entirely open in our dealings with you at all times. We make sure our contracts are clear in terms of responsibilities meaning we are working to a mutually beneficial outcome for both HMA and our valued partner clients.